SUB-PAR Instructions for the use of AdKeeps

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composed on: 2019-05-11 13:51    Title: SUB-PAR Instructions for the use of AdKeeps

Im going to give this app like another few days before I delete it. The instruction say to just use it and it will become "very clear" which is ridiculous and a waste of time considering the developers know how to use it and could, and SHOULD give clear, precise and easy to follow directions on how to use it...that is what is meant by INSTRUCTIONS. Do NOT just ASSUME that it is clear. IT IS NOT CLEAR. And hey go on fiverr or something, find somebody who speaks English as their FIRST language and have them write the instructions. Each section should have IN-DEPTH instruction on what it is, what it does, what instances it should be used, and how to properly use it for MAXIMUM profit. Like, "api is for developers who know how to use it" is NOT sufficient. Tell us how to freaking use it. I have spent 3 days wasting my time trying to figure it out. I am making progress, but I am running a large website by myself....I dont have time for this, it is taking time that I do not have and I have yet to see any results. Also..give us a method by which we can organize our links. I have well over a hundred, I am just getting started and it takes an unacceptable amount of time to go through find the link I want, and add it. I added the script generator, I havent figured out exactly what it does other than occasionally I see external links from other sites that I do not own(which it says explicitly are not allowed) pop up in my list.